ASSIX – accessory and car enhancing solutions

An efficient supply chain reduces the delivery time of your vehicle. When a vehicle is accessorized as a part of the delivery chain, you make sure that delivery to dealers is faster and more precise and total costs are lower. A comprehensive selection of services provides high and consistent quality: customers can always rely on the final result.

Assix vehicle accessory solutions are a quick and easy way to get passenger and commercial vehicles ready to use and finalized as a part of factory delivery. A shorter delivery time enables faster recycling of capital and precision provides certainty to leasing deliveries.

We produce tailored accessory solutions for the end user together with vehicle sales persons and finance companies. Passenger and commercial vehicle accessory solutions can be customised with high quality to meet the requirements of the dealers and B2B customers.

Already every 10th vehicle in Finland is sold with Assix accessory solutions. Our brand certified car mechanics guarantee high quality installation work. Assix accessories can also be ordered via Assistore online store.

 Assix accessorized vehicle is

  • finalized according to the requirements of the customer
  • of high quality and flawless
  • delivered in time with a fixed price

Assix for Manufacturers and importers

Accessory service solution that is made as a part of the factory delivery is the most cost-effective way to have a vehicle accessorized even with campaigns that have a limited time period. Our brand certified car mechanics make sure that the installation work of vehicle accessories is always of high quality.

Assix for car dealers

Dealers know best the needs of car buyers, which is why they are important partners to us. We plan and develop continuously the selection of passenger and commercial vehicle accessory services together with our customers to meet their needs and requirements. Car dealer can place an order for Assix accessory service easily and quickly in our Assistore online store.

Assix for leasing companies

A great deal of company cars in Finland are owned by leasing companies. We offer solutions for vehicle accessory, deliveries and repairing and enhancing of used cars. By ordering these services before the vehicle is imported, it is made sure that delivery time is accurate, leasing contracts are handled accordingly and information is more transparent.

We develop prefabricated accessory solution concepts for commercial vehicles together with our B2B customers. Standardized assemblies enable lower costs and reduced delivery time.

Online store

You can find Assix accessory services also in our online store which is an effective tool for our contractual customers. Accessory selection for different car brands and information on new products is accessible 24/7. Effective and easy accessory service enables sufficient resources for car service in vehicle sales and repair shops.

Reliability of delivery and quality assurance

Auto-Uuttera is a certified partner of many car manufacturers and importers. We make sure that the vehicles we deliver meet the quality demands for new vehicles also regarding vehicle accessories. Our delivery is always precise, cost-efficient and consistent.

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